Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Some Vintage KT Reviews

I posted this article on a message board that does not archive; preserving them here.

Even after the recent revocation of some of the "preview" rights that had enabled Google to include large sections of many copyrighted books online, Google Books remains a remarkable resource. Whilst trolling around this morning in the hundreds of research links that I have bookmarked (sometimes for reasons that I have forgotten) - I came across the following three articles.

First, from the January 12th, 1959 issue of
Billboard, a short review of a Kingston Trio show at NYC's legendary Blue Angel night club:


Interesting side note - the Blue Angel was a
jazz club primarily. The KT's appearance there in January anticipates its appearance in April at the Newport Jazz Festival (which led to its appearance at the premier newport Folk Festival in July of that year) and the fact that the liner notes to the group's second studio album At Large were written by Downbeat Magazine editor and jazz critic Nat Hentoff. The group is still playing nightclubs primarily at this point; the college shows are yet to come.

From the Nov. 28, 1960 edition of
Billboard, a review of a concert at Carneige Hall on 11/23/60:


Interesting - a concert at Carnegie Hall was generally considered the apex of a performing artist's career, but the fact that the KT played there has been one of those under-the-radar facts that never generated much historical note.

Finally, a review from almost a year later - November 6, 1961, from the Windsor Star, this being Windsor, Ontario right across the Detroit River from - Detroit:


Trio fans will find this amusing. Dave Guard had actually left the KT several months before, replaced by John Stewart. The reviewer has confused Guard with Nick Reynolds, who remained with the group for its full ten-year first incarnation.